Your issues My solutions edition 3

Issue: Why do we feel bad when someone says something bad to us? and what should we do in such situations?

Asked By: Vivek Kumar, Rati Shukla, Luciana Garcia, Natalia Hernandez, Regina miller, Keith Holland , Arun Pathak, and others.

Solutions: Did you ever ask a question to yourself, who are you? If someone asks you this question, you will end up replying with your name but are you just a ‘name’? If you are not just the name then a question arises who are you?

We live our life by our name, our life is like a movie and we are the main character of it. But for a moment just think about it are we really the centre of life or is it just a hallucination that we have since our birth?

At this point of time we don’t know the exact age of our universe however we calculate it as per the technology available right now. As per the ‘Lambda-CDM concordance model’ the evolution of the universe happened from a single point to its present state over a time period of about 13.8 billion years of cosmological time, we still don’t know whether it is true or not. Let’s consider it as true just for the sake of argument still this figure is very big, then the age of our earth is 4.543 billion years which seems a very small number in comparison to the age of the universe, it seems like a bubble in the water, now compare yourself where do you stand? We have no value in comparison of such a vast expansion.

We think of ourselves as we are so important and no one can hurt us by saying something that we don’t like.

All the theory about the universe that I told you was just to make you realize that what the reality is and where exactly do we stand in this universe.

The problem is not what we are the problem is always the lack of knowledge, we are just a drop of water in an endless ocean, we are made of same material as ocean so we do not know the ocean, how can a drop know the ocean? If a drop can think it may think that the ocean is made of billions of drops just like it but the fact is just the opposite of it. For a small drop of water it is everything that it needs, but if we see it has got no importance in comparison to the ocean.


I hope you are getting my point.

You give yourself so much of importance that you forget everything else, you forget how big this stream of life is, and you forget how big this universe is.

“This endless time …and you.”

“This vast phenomenon of life …and you.”

You are still thinking about yourself and you don’t even know who you are.

You should have an open mind to start with, you should not be attached to your so called identity that is your name, understand the fact that you are not your name, you are beyond all this, this body is borrowed from the universe, you only exists for a small fraction of time.

You feel bad if someone says something bad to you because you have created an image of yours in your mind and when some thought enters your mind which does not matches your image you feel offended, your mind tries to keep that image safe from anything that tries to blur the image of yours, For example “bad opinions of others about you”, you simply will try to keep away from those people who talks negative about you or points about your negative traits, instead of listening to them and trying to improve what you can in yourself you will simply avoid them to keep your so called identity safe.

You don’t want to change, why should you? They should change, they are bad people, that’s what you think…am I ‘right’?

Ask them they are the centre of their life as per their opinion, they are the hero of their movie.

Your identity is not even self created; it was created by those who say ‘good’ things about you or I can say your identity is created by those who plant the idea of “You” in you. Your identity is not what you are it is the compilation of the opinions of others.

Don’t get attached to something that is not yours.

Don’t get attached to something that is worthless.

Your identity has no value, it is fake…!!!

See the bigger picture, know what exists and what diminishes, and know what remains.

There is nothing to do when someone says something bad to you, only thing you can do is to know yourself. Knowing yourself is not something you “can do”.

We can only accept the fact that our identity in the universe is worthless, the moment you accept this fact you will start accepting everything that comes to you, you will start taking life the way it comes to you, be it good or bad now everything becomes acceptable to you and eventually you will be able to see your “self” the true “you”. You reach at a place where there is no more you and I where there is no distinction, no differences. There is only “One”

In order to do something that you can’t “do” yourself, you need understanding, you need knowledge, you need patience.

Let a question arise in your mind that who you really are? You were here even when you had no name.

Go where the life takes you, but don’t take your life for granted it is valuable you have it today who knows what will happen tomorrow? Live your life to the fullest.

At this point of time we are living somehow, we are managing our life not living it.

If you will live your life in a way that when the death comes you will move a step forward towards it and embrace it with all your heart.

The one who is full of life cannot be hurt in anyway; a glass that is already full can’t be filled as it is already full.

Have a blissful life!!

Your Issues My Solutions Edition 2

Issues: How to meditate? is meditation necessary for life?

Question by Asha Nigam, Nicholas M. Green, Sumit Kumar, Jared warner, Vishal, Amit and Kulvinder.

Solution: Meditation is the easiest process in this universe, it is automatic. You cannot ‘do it’, meditation is something that happens and it happens on its own.

The issue that we are facing is not that we are not trying enough to make something happen the issue is that we are trying, meditation happens when all the trying stops, all you need to do is to be available to yourself. You can only do that once you understand the logic behind it. As I said it is the simplest process.

This whole universe is conscious so are you, everything that exists is made of same material, people started calling it by different names for example The God, Superconciousness, Atma, Paramatma, energy, these aren’t different all these words are synonymous.

When you ‘do’ any kind of physical or mental activity you spend energy which means by doing your routine work you are spending your energy not only that even by thinking and dreaming you spend maximum part of your energy.All our lives we are running towards a goal, a goal that will never be accomplished but we want something more, we are not happy but none of them wants to become more and more conscious however the life is given to you not be rich it’s been given to you to live it consciously.

Meditation is the way of living the life consciously, it’s a way to keep your energy within and constantly increasing it to a level where you are at the par of Universal energy.

You cannot ‘do’ it, because by ‘doing’ you spend energy, and you cannot save something by spending it.

Then what to do?

It’s easy to control physical activities however controlling the mind seems impossible, also while earning we need to keep an eye on expense as well to keep up the growth.
We spend our energy only by 6 means, 5 senses and our thoughts, maximum amount of our energy is spent in thoughts, our mind is constantly working even when we are asleep our mind is at work.
N-number of thoughts every second, thoughts about past thoughts about future every second there is a mess.

Our minds did not take a rest since the day we were born.
Meditation is a process to put your mind at peace for a while.

While you are at peace you create a sudden ‘blankness’ a ‘vaccum’ in yourself and the whole cosmos runs towards the vaccum that you have created just by being at peace.

So when you are meditating you are not doing anything simply “you are”.

You are present at that moment just breathing, you are neither thinking of past nor future.

You are letting yourself happen.

There are many ways to do so..

Breathing practice is one of the simple and easy way to do so.

Just sit comfortably in any position you want and just feel your breath

Going out….

Going in…

Do it first thing when you wake up, on your bed for 15 mins

And same for the time you go to bed just before the sleep.
If you want you can play meditation music at the background to help you at initial stage.

At the end all I can say meditation is a way of living life. Live your life to the fullest.

Welcome to the world of spirituality!!

Your issues my solutions 

Issue: How to improve ‘Presence of Mind’ by Yoga?

(Similar questions has been asked by many of the readers, i will try to include as much information as possible incase you have more questions please feel free to askMrphilosophy)

Questions asked by Shiva Gupta, Mateo García, Alejandro Rodríguez, Narendra kumar, Isabella López, Luciana González.

Solution: Presence of mind is a ‘state’!! it cannot be improved, either it is or it is not, if there is darkness there is no light… and when there is light darkness will nowhere to be found.
There are number of ways by which we can attain ‘the state’ that we are talking about, ‘Yoga’ is one of them, it’s a method to keep your body and mind in control, what type of yoga you are doing that does not matter what matters is ‘You’.

‘You’ are the question…
…and the answer too.


We live our whole life without even knowing who we are? We are too much concerned about past and future who cares about the ‘present’?

Our thoughts are the only hurdle to self, only problem that persists, all our sufferings, pains, pleasures everything comes to one point that is ‘thought’.
A great philosopher George Berkeley said

“All the choir of heaven and furniture of earth – in a word, all those bodies which compose the frame of the world – have not any subsistence without a mind.”

that means this world only exists in our mind, in our thoughts.

To get the clear understanding about the oneself one should stand away from the thoughts, just like a person watching a movie, however the condition right now is different, you are nowhere to be found only the thoughts…and thoughts…a  never ending chain of thoughts!!

Yoga helps you to be the way you are, Yoga creates clarity of thoughts or in other words we can say Yoga creates a distance between you and your thoughts.

As per science most of our thought process is determined by the unconscious mind, it is the source of thoughts and dreams, the repository of forgotten memories, and the locus of implicit knowledge. A western philosopher Sigmund Freud said the mind can be divided into two parts conscious mind and the unconscious mind another philosopher and psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung developed the concept of unconscious mind further, he agreed with Freud that the unconscious is a determinant of personality. Though the notion of the existance of unconscious mind is controversial but it gives the idea about us, it tells us who we are, it tells us that we are living our whole life unconsciously, even if we are awake we are asleep, we are lost.

There is a small part of our mind which we call pineal gland and the function of the pineal gland is to produce melatonin which regulates sleep and wake cycles not only in material world but also in spirituality, for me science and spirituality are not different from each other spirituality is a little developed science, when you sit in a cross legged posture with spine fully erect and stop all the physical activities your energy starts flowing upwards towards the pineal gland and secretion of melatonin starts and you become more awake and aware which creates a distance between you and your thoughts and then you will be able to watch your thoughts come and go like clouds in the sky, suddenly a dissociation occours between you and your thoughts.

With the help of such Yogic kriyas anyone can activate the Pineal Gland and get the ‘clarity of thoughts’.

As I said it is a state of mind, and when you attain such a state, you are able to see that you are not a mere thought, you are nothing that can be identified with anything, you are not what you think you are…………..

Yet ‘You’ are and will be!!



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Mahashivaratri ‘An eternal night of darkness’

“GOD is the ray of light in the darkness” “I saw immense light when I saw that miracle of GOD”“Light is Truth, Light is eternal” light is this, light is that…. What I say light is bullshit.​

Each and every corner of this Universe is filled with darkness; even the Sun of our solar system has its limited life it will die one day like everything else in this Universe, it’s not forever, and what remains is darkness. Darkness is eternal, it’s forever. Light is artificial it comes and it goes but what remains is Truth… The eternal truth of Darkness.

Modern science has accepted the fact that everything emerge from “nothing” and goes back to “nothing”. The word Shiva stands for “Nothingness” the vast emptiness of the creation. Hinduism believes everything has emerged from Shiva and will go back to Shiva one day. He is the source of creation and the creation will be destroyed by him, he is The Destroyer, which is why he is called ‘Mahadeva’ ‘The Ultimate One’, ‘The Eternal’.

Mahashivaratri is celebrated on the darkest night of the month. Ancient Hindu sages believed that the position of the earth on this day of the year is such that anything on this planet if on ‘receiving’ mode can pour universal energy in itself. Positioning our body in such a way is called ‘Meditation’.

Meditation is not merely a technique to keep you calm and peaceful; it is way more than that. Meditation is a doorway to access this creation not just this universe, not just this dimension, it takes you beyond everything. 

​Meditation is a key to Nothingness; it takes you to the source of creation. There is no more you to witness… you become one, you become eternal, you become nothing.

Mahashivaratri is beneficial for spiritual seekers it gives them the opportunity to connect with the creation, to collect as much energy as they can, to synchronize themselves.

Mahashivaratri is for those who want to go beyond, who want to unleash the true self, who do not want to ‘just’ live life in light it’s for those who have the courage to go beyond light and dissolve themselves in the eternal darkness.

If you don’t meditate very often, or you haven’t done it earlier. Mahashivratri is the perfect time to start. Just sit under the open sky at night with spine fully erect in a cross legged posture for at least an hour or as per your comfort. Just sit do nothing, think nothing, let ‘yourself’ flow with the nature, be one with it as you are a part of it.

Do not abuse the time just use the time….!!

Have a blissful Mahashivaratri, have a blissful life!! 

Concepts Of The Universe Chapter 2: Energy 

“Everything that we know, anything that we don’t know, everything that we were, everything that we are and will be… is ENERGY” -Avinendra singh trivedi.

It is the very base of existence, the source of existence.

We have been calling this “Energy” by different names as per our beliefs, someone might say God, some call it Ishwara, some by the name of Allah and there is a long list of names however names do not matter, we need to look at the very base of it.

Its “One”.

Our belief systems were actually the ways to increase our energy to a certain level where it meets the ultimate energy and becomes one with it.

Muslims follow a ritual that is “Namaaz”. People who Namaaz regularly will have a dark spot at the center of their forehead and ironically this is the same point when Hindus talk about the third eye.

These were the ways found by the different prophets around the globe and they showed us the path to increase our consciousness and ultimately meet the superconciousness.

We need to understand the real meaning of ‘the words’ of our prophets, whatever has been taught and preached till date are different paths to increase our consciousness, no matter what kind of practice you follow, it will give you the same result.

Look at any religious person… I am not talking about those who hate, divide and even kill in the name of God, I am talking   about a person like Gautama Buddha and Mahavir, a man like Jesus a woman like Mira or Rabia, people like them have a different kind of energy… it emmits, they talk sense, they behave as if they are totally alert with life, they are filled with a never ending joy.

In today’s world we have many issues of our own yet we talk to others and ask for their issues and if there is no one to talk we open the television and watch world issues, wasting the energy with every act our own and not even bothered about gaining a single drop of it.

Its funny when we talk about someone like Krishna or Jesus we say they were different, they were gods or son of God or prophets and we do not even think for a second that prophets are born to tell us the way to live life while in the ‘limitations of the body’, they showed us what can we achieve while in this body, what is its potential? They were not different, they achieved something, they got the key to open the lock of mysteries and they did. They found that running in life endlessly takes you nowhere so there’s got to be another way out, at one or the other point in life they all realised that the “consciousness the key”. 

Now the question arises how to increase consciousness to superconciousness?

Our five senses are the ways by which we spend our energy like by seeing, touching, smelling etc. and the major part is spent on our thoughts.

Remember every thought in your mind consumes your life energy.

The time when we think we are awake we are actually sleeping, our mind is consistently taking us to the dreamland.

Does it ever happen to you that you want to listen to some songs and you put on your headphones amd then you lie down, now the song is playing, the sound is going through your ear to the mind, technically you are listening but you are not actually “listening” you are thinking about something and the song is just playing at the background.

Or you are walking, but you are thinking about past, future and number of nonsense that is not required.

A comman man is surrounded by all this and have no way out, his mind is constantly thinking, wasting energy on non existential thoughts, people have become miserable then they ask the same sick mind that is not able to stop itself from thinking even for a second, it can only give you consolation not ‘resolution’ and that will slowly make your life more miserable and this is happening to you, to your friends, relatives and colleagues!!

Our life is getting more and more miserable, don’t you think its little weird when we meet our friends we talk about our problems?

The world is not supposed to be like this.

 This is the reason there are numerous paths to it, you can follow any path, if you are a hindu and feel like going to a mosque, go! If you are a muslim and feel like reading Vedas, read it!, don’t stop yourself may be that is your way out. Its all the same.

Know who you are, don’t believe what someone says to you.

Less burdened you are with the thoughts easy it will be for you.

Hindu sadhus during their Sadhna close their eyes and sits in a cross legged posture and they freeze all physical activities to keep the energy expence at minimum and then they chant mantras so instead of millions of useless thoughts that you have in your mind you will have one thought and as a result you will save a huge amount of energy and while sitting in some particular postures you create a circle of energy inside you so whatever energy you are taking from the atmosphere you are keeping it inside and not letting it out.

And gradually your energy increases and one day it reaches to “The Ultimate” and consciousness merges with the superconciousness.

And a moment of Absolute bliss appears.

That moment is called “Moksha” or “The Judgement Day”

Concepts of The Universe

Chapter one: Time

To start with I can give you a definition of time, just to make you understand what ‘Time’ is, however this is not the question? The question is where do we stand in ‘Time’? What role does it play in the Universe?

We have devices to measure time such as clocks, watches etc. but time is not that simple to explain, it is something that keeps the ‘flow’, the flow of nature. Every friction of second the universe is changing the time is making sure the order of each and every event; it’s keeping everything from happening at once.
The philosophers like Immanuel Kant and Gottfried Leibniz believed that ‘Time’ is neither an event nor a thing, and thus is not itself measurable nor can it be travelled.
Well… This is just one way of looking at it; there are numerous theories that believe time travel is possible. As per the theory of general relativity, it is believed that the suitable geometries of spacetime or specific type of motion in space might allow time travel into the past and future.   
Considering the other fundamental concepts of modern physics, time is still not understood very well.
There are no evidences as of now that can prove the time travel is possible.
Buddhist mythology states that time is not same everywhere, it moves at different paces. Buddha’s chief disciples ‘Kumara Kassapa’, explain to skeptic ‘Payasi’ that
In the Heaven of the Thirty Three Devas, Time passes at a different pace people live much longer”
He further adds “Our one hundred years are only twenty four hours for them”.

In another example, Mahabharata mentions the story of King Raivata Kakumdi, He was the king of Kusasthali, and the father of Revati who later married Balarama.
As the story goes Kakumdi thought no one upon earth is worthy to merry his daughter, so he went to the creator himself, Lord Bramha to seek advice, Bramha then explained that time runs differently on different planes of existence, and the time that they have spent here 27 chatur-yugas(A cycle of four yugas, totaling one hundred and eight Yugas) had passed on earth.
Bramha asks him to return back to earth and he recommended Balrama( Vishnu’s incarnation Krishna’s elder brother) as a worthy husband for his daughter Revati.

Heaven… Can it be other dimension? Where time passes slowly and people over there have longer lives? As we do not have any evidences of time travel, or anything which can prove that time runs differently on other dimensions or Heaven for that matter we will go with what we have.

Hindu cosmology is considered the closest to modern scientific timelines, it goes further than that and indicates that the ‘Big Bang’ is not the beginning of everything; it’s just the start of this cycle that we are living in.
This cycle is preceded by infinite number of universes and to be followed by another infinite number of universes.

“A Day of Bramha is of 1000 Mahayugas” – Gita Sloka 8.17

Meaning a day of Bramha which is known as Kalpa is of 4.32 billion human years, it’s just the day time, in case we will include night as well, the amount goes double i.e. 4.32 billion human years multiplied by 2 which makes it 8.64 billion human years.
Every Kalpa creates 14 Manus (The one who manifests and regulates the world). There are fourteen generations of Manu in each Kalpa and each Manu’s life consists of seventy one Chatur-Yugas.
Bramha’s day is divided in 1000 cycles which is called as Maha-Yuga(4.32 billion years), each Maha-Yuga is consists of four Yugas called Chatur-Yugas.
This is just one day of Bramha, as per the Hindu mythology each Bramha lives for 100 divine years which is 311 Trillion, 40 billion human years.
In this occurrence of Universe that we are breathing in is believed to be the fifty first year (divine Years) of present Bramha, which means 156 Trillion human years have already been passed since the birth of present Bramha.
Padma-kalpa is believed to be the last Kalpa at the end of 50th divine year.
Our universe was created by Bramha in the beginning of PadmaKalpa which would be 10.51 billion human years ago.
The current day of Bramha is called as ShvetaVaraha Kalpa, within this day six Manvantaras (A Manvantaras consists of seventy one MahaYugas i.e. 306,720,000 human years) have already elapsed. The seventh Manvantara is called as Vaivasvatha Manvantara. In this Vaivasvatha Manvantara twenty seven Maha-Yugas have already elapsed, we are in 28th Maha-Yugas.

As we have already discussed that one Maha-Yuga is consists of four Yugas i.e. Satya-Yuga, Treta-Yuga, Dvapara-Yuga and Kali-Yuga. Our present time is a Kali-Yuga, which started at 3102 BCE with the end of Mahabharata.
These four Yugas follows a timeline ration of 4:3:2:1.

As per Shrimad Bhagavatam:
“Catvari trini dve caikam Krtadisu yatha-kramam Sankhyatani sahasrani dvi-gunani satani ca”

The duration of Satya-Yuga equals 4800 years of the Demigods; the duration of the Treta-Yuga equals to 3600 years of the Demigods, the duration of the Dvapara-Yuga is 2400 years; and the Kali-Yuga is 1200 years of the Demigods.

For us the time duration is divided as:
The duration of Satya-Yuga equals 1,728,000 human years; the duration of the Treta-Yuga equals to 1,296,000 human years; the duration of the Dvapara-Yuga is 864,000 human years; and the Kali-Yuga is 432,000 human years.

It shows there could be a possibility that time perceives differently on different planes.
What is 10,000 years for us can be 1000 years for others and 100 years for some other dimensions and may be a day or even a minute for someone else….!!
If these aren’t just the scriptures, not just the hypothesis then the question arises, do other dimensions exist? If yes, then how many dimensions are there? And who lives there?

Avinendra Singh Trivedi
Twitter : @askmrphilosophy

Is Reality Real?


Our life starts just like a dream. When we sleep we see many dreams, we live many lives, in one night.

Did you ever happen to notice the beginning of the dream? Did you ever remember the end of a dream or the moment you switched to another dream? as a matter of fact the other dream also kicks in without a beginning. Our lives also starts without a beginning.
When you were born, do you have any memory of that? Your parents, relatives might have told you many sweet stories, that you were crying…you were trying to hold your grandmother’s finger with your little hands…but do you remeber any of those? No!!
There are numerous stories we have heard where a couple adopts a kid and keeps him unaware about the fact that they aren’t his real parents. In such cases the kid is living his whole life thinking that the people he is staying with are the one who gave him birth.

We won’t understand but he is living on a different plane altogether, he is pursuing an alternate reality. Whatever definition you have in your mind for the word ‘Parents’ and the feelings attached to it, he may be applying the same to those people who adopted him.
His real parents will be somewhere else, or may be they don’t exists in this world anymore but he doesn’t care for them as he doesn’t know them, obviously its not his fault!!

Our ‘past’ is a data compiled by our mind from the nearby sources. Our parents, relatives, childhood friends are the primary resources we get our informations from.

As per Child Learning Process:
A young child is a human being who, unlike his elders, is still engaged in the fundamental process of developing the major portion of his mental capacity. At least eighty percent of his intellectual aptitude (not his rote knowledge) is acquired during the first six years of his life. During this critical period, his brain grows and develops in accordance with his exercise of his mind and the intellectual stimulation provided by his environment. (Ref:

The information we have about our past is from the primary resources, it can be false as well.

Our parents are in the same boat, they don’t remember their beginning, and their parents too…and so on…This chain will never stop, their is no end to it.

Its like a dream!!

That’s not it.

If I will ask you, who are you? What will you say? Generally people introduce themselves stating their names, but when you were born you had no name, your name has been given to you by someone else, it was a necessity in order to identify ‘You’ among others. For example in a school, college, etc. we assign roll numbers to the students, in any of the organisation we assign employee numbers to the employees. Just to make it easy to keep a track of your data you have given a unique number.
In this so called ‘Real world’ we give names to people.
Now people will be calling you with that given identification code i.e. “Name”. Slowly you will adapt that identification code as your identity. Did you ever realise that you were there even without a name? as we did exist without the roll numbers and employee numbers.
It clearly means that our so called identity, for which most of us live our lives, which they believe worth dying for, is not real..!!!
People want to become famous, even world famous, which simply signifies that people should know the name, the whole world should know the name.!!! Why?

Why is it all about name?

Because that’s the place where you feel home, you feel that’s you. You have accepted a mere code as your identity.
In a dream, whatever happens is ‘Reality’ to you, you only get to know that it is a dream when you wake up. The moment you wake up you realize, oh! That was a dream! and this is the ‘Reality’. Because you have another reality to compare, which you feel more realistic than what you have been through just a moment ago. Have you ever had a dream where you are dreaming… You try to move, but you are unable to…you try to shout, but you can’t… Suddenly something happenes… You wake up… You realize that it was a bad dream, and this is the ‘Reality’. You try to relax, you try to breath, but you are still facing trouble, suddenly someone calls your name and you open your eyes, and realize you were still dreaming!! This is the ‘Reality’ and everything is fine now.
You live a life in few hours of sleep!! And when you wake up and look at your watch you say… Oh it’s just been three hours!!
What is the assurance that you won’t wake up again and say the same thing?

In a dream, a person doesn’t remeber his or her name. You are present there but cant relate yourself with that name, why? Because your name is given to you in this reality not in that dream, this is the reason when someone calls your name, your dream breaks! You open your eyes and your reality switches.

May be its all just a dream, started somewhere in the middle of nowhere, nobody knows when it will end. No one knows who they are.

If it is reality, then we should know ourselves, here the information attached to the ‘Self’ is name and we know we are not the name.

If we are not the name then who are we?

Where has all this started?

How will it end? Or will it ever?

If this is a dream, then how will we wake up?
How will we get to know…


To be continued..!!

Is it really love or do you think it’s love.

First of all we need to understand that love is a feeling, it can not be bound by words, sometimes it doesn’t matter how many times you say ‘ I love you ‘… And at times you don’t even open your lips and the other person will understand it.
Now a days getting into a relationship is a trend, but feelings don’t follow the trends… Why would they?… They are free, they are not controlled by mind, here your heart is the master, but when you try to suppress a feeling then it hurts you, and that’s where the ‘ guilt ‘ comes.
Your mind follows the trend, I am sure you would have noticed if someone in a group buys an iPhone… The latest one!! Then the 70-80 % of people will have a thought of having an iPhone.
So your mind follows the trend and your feelings goes to the opposite direction.
That’s where the conflict is, if you are in love you know it, then you need not to use mere words to express it. It comes out or I would say if you are in love then it floods out of you… You blossom like a flower.
But if you ‘ think ‘ that you are in love then be aware of your mind it’s just playing with you, may be just trying to fill the Silent moments…
Have you ever noticed that your mind never shuts? Even when you are asleep, you dream!! Means mind is working, while you are sleeping. Numerous thoughts are running in a chain, back to back, not even a single second you have for your own. You are thinking timelessly, just thinking… Don’t know what… If someone is sitting quite and you ask them, what are you thinking? The general answer we get is ” nothing “, it’s not because you don’t want to share your thoughts it’s because you really don’t know now, you may have the memory of a recent thought but you won’t be able to describe the time duration of ‘time’ you were sitting quite.
Mind is nothing but a chain of endless thoughts. It is scared of silence. That is why you spend your time on social media, you watch TV, movie, make relationships to be engaged somewhere so that you won’t be free even for a second.
The ‘ Moment of silence’ that I am talking about is named differently in different times by different people, Buddha called it ‘ No mind state ‘ a state where you are absolute silent. Nothing but a silence persists and when it happens mind shuts for the first time, the chain of endless thoughts stills…but you remains… pure you!!
People called it with different names Moksha, Nirvana, and love is the Door to ‘ You ‘.

Your love is a ‘ filling ‘ not a ‘feeling’.

Don’t try…, just be…, Feel… And you will be blossomed as a bud turns Into a flower, from the first drop of the first rain of… The first season of love.

Love you all…….Avi


Avinendra Singh Trivedi
Twitter : @askmrphilosophy